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Pic 1: Before pic is the shot taken at my window on my homemade “photographic studio set”. 

Pic 2: After needs more work but I’m getting there… 

I just realized that I’m always going on about editing photos but I never actually show Before and After pix.  

The all-important photo is everything to Glamour Twinkles.  I don’t sell my jewelry in shops, so photos are the only medium available to display my wares online. 

I use scrapbooking polkadot backgrounds pages. Polkadot suits my “alt-retro” branding.   It’s easy to shoot all kinds of different jewelry pieces.  The polkadot background is my preferred background option.  Zig-zags are really hard on the eye; stripes have to be straight and in focus; but the polkadot?  My best friend when it comes to backgrounds. It can hide a multitude of sins.  Plus the jewelry piece is the star so the dots just need to look pretty and say nothing.